[Boatanchors] ALERT: AM Under Attack - WA3VJB

Bill Fuqua wlfuqu00 at UKY.EDU
Fri Jun 20 18:33:08 EDT 2003

        I have no complaints  with the French or Canadians. After all, where are
those WMD anyway. But, I will say that  I do have a number of young people
in the classes I teach. One is a license class and the other is a radio
theory and construction workshop. This year we had over 20 younger students
licensed. High School and university students. Some of these students will
become the scientist and engineers that will continue to contribute to our
understanding of the universe and develop the RF technology we will need so
you can your advanced wireless instruments in the future (cell phones etc).
        Now 2.8KHz for SSB and 5.6 KHz for AM are now equivalent audio
bandwidths. 6KHz is more appropriate.
However, we really don't want the FCC to rewrite anything if possible. Look
at their idea of the new  band. It is more like CB than amateur radio. In
fact it would been much better if they allowed CW or PSK31 to be used in
those "channels". At least a reasonable  number of hams would be able to
communicate at one time.

Bill wa4lav

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