For Sale: A Whole Bunch of Stuff!

Dave Hollander n7rk at COX.NET
Sun Jun 22 14:47:56 EDT 2003

Here are a bunch of items for sale. Prices do not include shipping.

Signal Corps U.S. Army Test Set Frequency Meter Test Set I-129-B


plus shipping
Military set of James Millen wavemeters covering 1.5 to 40 MHz.
Excellent condition

Two Individual James Millen Wavemeters

$25 plus shipping
One covers 3.5-6 MHz, the other covers 18-40 MHz. The plastic cover
on one is broken

Heathkit Electronic Switch Model S-2 with original manual....$25

U.S. Army Signal Corps Flame Proof Key J-5-A

.$65 plus shipping
Flame Proof Key J-5-A made by L.S. Brach Mfg. of Newark, NJ. This is a
W.W.II key in very good condition.

Turner P-9D Dynamic Microphone

.$40 plus shipping
Dynamic Microphone made in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. This mike works and is in

Very good condition externally with a small tear in the cloth

National Type ACN Dial  - New in the Box.........$65 plus shipping

National Type MCN Dial -  new in the box
..$60 plus shipping

Large Millen Dial - New in the box

..$20 plus shipping

National HRO Drive .........$45 plus shipping
Good condition - no box.

National Black PW Dial - $75 plus shipping

Here is a chance to replace that chipped up dial on your HRO receiver.
These look to be new. No box - a couple of very tiny paint chips

RCA Capacitance Tester

..$35 plus shipping
Capacitance tester from the 1940's. Uses a magic eye tube reflected
witha mirror.
Working but needs a power cord. I checked it with a cheater cord

Three RCA Pocket Reference books for the 1940's and 1950's

..$12 plus
Shipping. Condition is fair to good. The cover on the 1946 book is
missing a very small piece of the back cover. They are:

       1945 Tube Reference Book - Tucson Radio Supply stamped inside
       1946 Electron Tube Reference Book - Tucson Radio Supply in gold
on cover
       1953 RCA Reference Book (Tubes, Batteries, Parts, Test Equipment)

- Radio Parts of Arizona, Phoenix

Barker and Williamson Coil Mounting Bar

..$15 plus shipping

Eimac 450TH/VT-108 Transmitting Tube - $150 plus shipping

Triplett VTVM

..$40 plus shipping
Works but needs to be calibrated. Good cosmetic condition.

HAL Computer RTTY Interface CRI-200....$75 plus shipping
Older HAL unit in excellent cosmetic and working condition. No
documentation but it can still be obtained from HAL.

You can check my user ID "n7rk" on Eb*y
for a reference as to dealing with me.

Thanks for looking and 73,

Dave N7RK

Dave  N7RK          
Phoenix, Arizona         *DXCC Honor Roll*    *WAZ#23 - 75 Meter SSB*

            ex-XE2/N7RK, N7RK/ZB2, VK2ERK, ZM0AJN, WB6NRK, WN6IWX

Boatanchor and Antique Radio Collector Extraordinaire preferring
Hallicrafters, National and what ever else looks interesting!

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