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A low cost method is to visit your local office supply store and check out the index
card cover area.  They make these neat packs of multicolor milar film covers that
slide over 4X6 index cards.  Doubled up, which is easy since these covers are already
formed to cover both sides of the index card, it provides a very nice blue for the
Drakes.  Or you can do what I did and choose a different color.  I use yellow!  My 4C
line looks great with yellow filters and considering that for an incandecent lamp they
naturally lean more toward the red end of the frequency spectrum.  That's why the blue
filters look green after awhile.  They are still blue just not blue enough to filter
out the red end of the spectrum from the lamps filaments.


Don N9OO

On Mon, 23 Jun 2003 19:45:38 -0700, k7mks wrote:

>Am restoring a TR-4 and wish to replace the blue plastic filters for the meters and
calibrated dial, both which are faded.  Any ideas for a source of this material?
Finals need to be replaced - does anyone have 3 spares lying around looking for a good
new home?  Please reply direct.  Many thanks, Joe k7mks
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