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You can buy lamp "condoms" is various colors.  Kenwood uses them in
the 940, and I have seen them in other military equipment.  Most are
for the smaller lamps though like 328.   They DO fade eventually
though.  I don't think I have ever seen them offered for sale from any
of the usual distributors though.  Maybe someone like Dialco or CM?

Some use fingernail polish and just dip the bulb and dry.  I have
never had much luck with this.  It darkens pretty quickly.

73, Garey - K4OAH

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While on the topic of filters in front of dial lamps, I saw something
interesting on a Heathkit dial lamp once. It was covered in some kind
green thin plastic stuff, not pain, but something like a layer of
continuous shrink-wrappy stuff. It din't react to the heat, stayed its
color, and gave off the nicest green light, perfect for Heathkits.
Unfortunately the filament eventually went south.

Does anyone know if this sort of thing was manufactured in various
colors (I am aware the military had red dial lamps.

The real question would be availibility for purchase nowadays of ones
favorite color.

Would this have been a manufactured item or was my green lamp likely a
home-made deal?

If anyone knows how to home brew this working colored lamp, please let
us in on the secret.


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