Value for SP-600 receiver?

Dave Merrill r390a at RCN.COM
Thu Jun 26 07:08:50 EDT 2003

Prices for recently completed auctions:

$665.00  JX-17
 625.00  JX-1
 466.52  JX-17
 404.99  JX-14
 356.01  JX-26
 279.00  JX-26
 226.50  JX-6 (xtal unit removed)

>I just ran across a SP-600 in excellent condition (at least
>appearance-wise). I usually have a pretty good idea of value on most
>boat-anchor or Heathkit ham gear but am totally at a loss when trying to
>guess at the value for a SP-600.  Would someone out there like to take a
>guess?  If so, please email me what you think might be a reasonable (or
>unreasonable) range of $$ values for this item.  Any and all information
>would be most gratefully received.
>Bob Groh, WA2CKY.

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