rayfri rayfri at NETWORLD.COM
Wed Mar 5 11:48:49 EST 2003

Glen Zook wrote:

> Even most of the newer amateur equipement with the
> "fixed" 50 ohm output will work fine with the 72 ohm
> coax.  Of course the old boat anchor stuff that can
> match a "wet noodle" doesn't even think about the
> difference between 50 and 72 ohms.
> Glen, K9STH

Believe it or not, I know of a ham, back in the 60s when I was a Novice, who
tried to load a wet noodle. HI HI.   Also tried loading some bed springs and the
window screen and the gutter around his house roof...  I think, with the exception
the noodle, he succeded.   Have heard many stories of qso's made while using
bed springs as an antenna....  Not the best antenna, but, like Glen said... the
boatanchors didnt pay much attention.  Try THAT with the all solid state rig....
    Ray  WA7ITZ

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