Deane D McIntyre dmcintyr at UCALGARY.CA
Tue May 13 11:34:28 EDT 2003


I recently acquired a nice DX-60A along with a manual for the
DX-60B. I was wondering that the differences are between the two;
it seems that they are very similiar.

It came with a Siemens QE-05/40 final in place of the 6146. My
Sams tube sub book indicates that the two are interchangable but
I wonder if the QE-05/40 is really the same as the 6146 or is it
the same as the 6146B? Does anyone have experience with using a
6146B in the DX-60A? Anything else I should watch out for before
I put the rig on the air for the first time (aside from the
usual reforming of the filter caps and so forth)? Thanks in advance.


Deane McIntyre VE6BPO
dmcintyr at ucalgary.ca

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