FS: AUDIO MIXER for your AM station?

Dee Almquist w4pnt at VAIX.NET
Sun May 18 18:04:53 EDT 2003

Just in case for AM'rs that went to Dayton (and many have), this is a 1/2
size, rack mount, 5 chan (2 XLR mic inputs), Micro-Trak PM5 MX, solid state
in good opering condition mixer. Has local cue & spkr built in, switched mic
off & PGM on each chan. 600 ohm line, & level VU meter. And I have pics for
you. Its neet with "eye"push buttons & all. This came from a studio.
Cosmetics are presentable but long way from perfect. Has been in service for
yrs before I got it. I serviced it a yr ago, expermented w/ it for outboard
audio for local am rig. It appears to have only one fault. It wont tolerate
rf in the shack, shuts ss down. My shop antennas are too close. And I dont
have a proper ground yet. But if coax is used and everything is grounded as
it should be anyway, it should work well. Another problem with my shop & rf.
When working on a Tx, everything is open & unshielded. This may be another
reason the SS stuff in this mixer shuts down. I have run this, tested it
with audio max & all & find it very clean audio. And I can run just about
any lo level mic I want to with pleanty of gain. A copy of manual goes with
Selling price (a bargain) $75. + shipping.

If no interest shows up 1st half of week, then unit will go to auction
73 es Dee

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