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Building a power supply for the SP-200 is not all that difficult
unless you insist it must look like the original.  The set looking
for 380 volts DC at 50 ma, 250 volts at 100 ma, 100 volts at 10 ma,
-50 volts at 11 ma, and 6.3 volts AC at 7.5 amps. The 380 and 250 are
not all that critical.  You can run the receiver on just 250 if

I've built two power supplies, one of which is modified from a
defunct tube-type color TV chassis.  No rectifier tubes in either of



If you want one with tube rectifiers, the type 80 is looking for 2
amps at 5 volts and the 5Z3 needs a 3 amp winding at 5 volts for its

My third SP-200, a military BC-779, has the traditional tubed power
supply with the very hard-to-find chokes.  Though all three power
supplies are different in appearance with design for two of them
based upon junk-box availability, all three perform the same function.

Just saw the note from Greg W9GB so am copying this note to him.

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At 12:21 PM -0500 11/18/03, pjhend at ameritech.net wrote:
>Hi Folks,
>Slightly off topic, but I am having a hard time locating a Power Supply for
>a Hammarlund Super Pro (series 200) receiver. I've decided to homebrew a
>power supply for it if I can't locate one soon. But I cant't find out what
>model transformer was used and what voltage-current ratings are needed for
>the high voltage winding. There are 2 separate low voltage windings: 5v for
>the 5Z3 HV rectifier, 6.3v for the receiver tubes, and 5v(?) off a tap from
>the high voltage winding for the 80 rectifier tube supplying grid bias for
>the set. I don't know the current requirements for these as well. Any help
>you can give me would be appreciated. I know that AES has a number of
>transformers that might work if I knew the correct requirements. Thanks for
>your help!

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