Factoids - is this a new spam tactic?<----No! Anti spam method

john johnmb at NC.RR.COM
Thu Oct 23 21:02:10 EDT 2003

Hi Al

This is not spam, but it's a "Challenge and respond" anti spam tactic.

The sender has not recognized you and until he's added you to his "I'll accept
mail from this person" list, the software challenges you to click on the link
and prove you're a real human, and not some spammer spewing out
tons of email. If you don't respond and click on the link (and type in a
shaded code word that's in an image file that a 'Bot cant read) the intended
receiver won't know you've sent him anything. Once you've proved you're not
a spamming program , by clicking on the link, and typing the code word in,
the recipient will then be notified of your mail and will decide to either
mail from you from now on, or not. Crude but effective, and definately going
to be more common as the spammers continue to ruin email for everyone.

It's not spam, but it's an anti-spam measure. I think Earthlink is offering
a similar deal, and indeed, it DID come as the result of your message, Al.

John K5MO

At 10:52 AM 10/23/03 -0400, Al Parker wrote:
>Hi folks,
>    is this a new spam tactic?  I got the following a few minutes ago,
>after I posted to the list.  I don know a Mark, but not @pobox.com, to my
>knowledge.  I got a similar one from somebody yesterday, I just deleted
>it.  I won't click on any link that I don't know anything about.
>    Spam is getting terrible, I get several dozen a day, most stopped by
>McAffe's blocker.
>    A related issue, a few days ago AOL blocked all msgs from roadrunner
>accounts.  I couldn't communicate with several people.  I ccomplained
>bitterly to roadrunner (you can't get to anyone at AOL).  It finally got
>fixed.  AOL was blocking "dynamic addresses"  what you have if you're on a
>cable connection.
>I know this is off the topic of BA's, but it appears that it's due to the
>tnx for your attn,
>Al, W8UT
>----- Original Message -----
>From: "Mark" <markmc=pobox.com at spamarrest.com>
>To: <anchor at ec.rr.com>
>Sent: Thursday, October 23, 2003 9:57 AM
>Subject: RE: Re: Factoids on purchasing replacement electrolytics and heat
>shrink tubing (verification)
>> Mark here,
>> I'm protecting myself from receiving junk mail.
>> Just this once, click the link below so I can receive your emails.
>> You won't have to do this again.
>> http://spamarrest.com/a?1240854701:679956
>> Spam Arrest - Take control of your inbox!
>> http://spamarrest.com/affl?1493901
>> ------------------------------------------------------------
>> You are receiving this message in response to your email to
>> Mark, a Spam Arrest customer.
>> Spam Arrest requests that senders verify themselves before
>> their email is delivered.
>> When you click the above link, you will be taken to a page
>> with a graphic on it. Simply read the word in the graphic,
>> type it into the form, and you're verified.
>> You will only need to do this once per Spam Arrest customer.
>> ------------------------------------------------------------
>> Webmasters help stop spam and make 50%.
>> http://spamarrest.com/affl?1493901/affiliates/index.jsp
>> ------------------------------------------------------------
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