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Mon Sep 1 10:06:54 EDT 2003

Are there any "vintage" audio Anchorites around?

> I recently came by a "60"s?? Knight, chrome chassis, "Basic Power Amp"
> stereo 60 watt per channel using EL 37s (British), 12AX7 phase inverter &
> EF86 voltage amp. Apparently this amp has had a "Knight" update pc boards
> mounted just below chassis for v. amp & phase inverter/driver.
> I have looked everywhere & find nothing on this amp. I do, however, vagely
> remember it from long long ago but never gave it much notice then. I so
have some docs & schematic. What is it or better where can I find info on it
& what is its value restored w/ British tubes? Maybe I need to fill the tube
needs with 6550s or 5881s & sell EL37s seperate.
> Chrome is pretty good & almost all the silk screening is present. I gave
it a polishing & bath today. Pretty! I'm going to go through & put it in 1st
class shape.
> Appreciate your opinions
> Dee
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