Canadian Marconi help

Robert Nickels w9ran at ONERADIO.NET
Fri Sep 5 01:05:41 EDT 2003

Forgive me for this transgression but while it may not have any tubes
inside, it sure weighs enough to be a boatanchor!

Looking for anyone with information or docs on a Canadian Marconi model
CH-150S 2-24 mhz HF transceiver.  Need the operation and service manual(s)
but if someone has one and could check a few things out for me that would be
a big help.

Thanks and 73,


PS: There used to be a VSS - Vintage Solid State - list that had a lot of
expertise.  The link I had at came up busted..does anyone know if
it's still around?  It really is needed, I can much easier find info and
parts for a 1930's radio than something made 20 years ago!

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