ARRL video demonstrates BPL Catastrophe

Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Thu Apr 1 20:57:30 EST 2004

On 1 Apr 2004 at 20:38, Ciocca, Marco wrote:

> I forwarded the video in question to WA4LAV (ham and chief engineer of
> the electronics lab in the Physics Department of the University of
> KY). What follows are his comments, and they make a lot of sense:
> **********************************************************************
> ** I have been trying to tell people that the real danger to amateur
> radio is not the interference to hams from BPL. At the last minute the
> BPL people can (by a snap of their fingers) program the systems not
> produce signals in the ham bands and the FCC will then toss out all of
> the ham's responses to their inquires.
>  The real danger is when the ham transmits and the RF signal picked up
> by the power line overwhelms the ADC in the BPL transceivers and shuts
> down a large piece of the the network. NO TEST have been done on the
> effects of Amateur Radio Transmissions on BPL.
>  Most are not concerned about it and the FCC and Power Companies
> prefer that we remain distracted by the interference issues of BPL to
> Ham radio.
>  If BPL is deployed and hams start shutting down peoples VoIP
> telephone
> networks and pay per view movie.... then there will be a great outcry
> from the communities to shut down these hams that are keeping their
> communication networks from working. The end result is that we may
> only have VHF privileges or very reduced power limits on HF.

ONLY if they reverse many rules!

The RULES say that BPL is NOT protected from interference, that it MUST accept
interference and cannot protest to the contrary.

Your friend ASSUMES that the FCC is going to suddenly tell FEMA, RED CROSS,
other legitimate HF spectrum users that they must shut down.

I don't think he is right. I do NOT think they are quite that stupid.
Close but not THAT stupid. It will never fly.

BPL will have to keep doing a a WHOLE lot of retries till it gets through, and will
lose throughput.

If BPL shows up in my town, I will PROMISE you that I will run
the legal limit on HF.

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