[FLBOATANCHORS] Re: Preferred Rig SB-101 or SR-150?

Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Fri Apr 2 16:38:28 EST 2004

Bill - I think the SR-150 is probably a bit better design than the Heath equipment in

i just had surgery so my opinion is probably about as valuable as the paper it is
written on!! LOL

73 de AF4K

On 2 Apr 2004 at 8:24, William Laakkonen wrote:

> As I recall, the Hallicrafters SR-150 does not have PCBs. I have owned
> several and they were all reliable rigs. They have slightly drifty
> VFOs but once warmed up mine were solid.
> As a plus, the Hallicrafters had a consistent build unlike the
> Heathkits; you never know what you got on a Heathkit until you look
> inside.

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