[hallicrafters-Radios] FYI: ARRL video demonstrates BPL Catastrophe...

Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Fri Apr 2 18:44:44 EST 2004

On 2 Apr 2004 at 18:13, LM Picard wrote:

> As far as I can see, this BPL system is a form of RF pollution that
> will submerge all involved areas under a constant electromagnetic
> smog.

I think it will make the world of radio somehow analagous to sitting at a traffic light
in an urban area while obe of thoise idiots is ruining his hearing with a stupid 500
watt car stereo running
the bass at around 75% distortion intop a set of broken, rattling, cheap Chinese
woofers that can't handle it.

Most of us know how that sounds when some annoying young punk
is playing the latest flop "R and B" junk that  record industry is palming off on the
poor, sad, unsuspecting youngsters who
have never heard, nor learned to appreciate any good music.

BPL interference will compare very closely to being stuck at
that traffic light, only it will never turn green and we will be stuck there forever
doomed to listen to the idiot's car stereo!

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