[FLBOATANCHORS] Re: Preferred Rig SB-101 or SR-150?

edoc kd4e at ARRL.NET
Fri Apr 2 18:30:10 EST 2004

William Laakkonen wrote:
> At the risk of starting a flame, I agree that the SR-150 is a better overall
> design than any of the tube/hybrid Heathkits. I have owned just about all
> the HWs and several of the SB series.
> IMHO the Hallicrafters SR-150 is less common, better built, and better
> design than any of the Heaths. That doesn't mean I don't like or desire the
> Heath rigs. You can find them all at just about any Hamfest. I haven't seen
> an SR-150 at a hamfest in 10 years. Of course, they are much older than most
> of the Heaths too. The SR-150 is circa 1960 as I recall.

Why, specifically, would you say that the SR-150 is superior, please?
Receive or transmit stability, selectivity, other features???

May any of the relative weakenesses of the SB-101 vs the SR-150 be
resolved through reasonable mods?

I am tending to lean toward the SB-101 for reasons of relative ease
of service and parts availability.

I read somewhere that the design complexity of the SR-150 makes
it a challenge to troubleshoot and service.

A question has been raised as to the board material used in the
SB-101 -- is the SR-150 point-to point wired or on a unified
circuit board?

Thanks! & 73, doc kd4e
West Central Florida
Op. Atlas, Drake, Hallicrafters, TenTec ...
ps. Linux-incompatible hardware is defective!
pps. Election 2004: Bush leads while Kerry lies.

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