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Someone gave me this idea, after I bought a Swan 350 and brought it home, my
car smelled, that is how strong the smell was!! And when I brought in into
my room and lit if off, the heat from the tubes made it worse..  someone
told me to wipe  it down with "Vanilla".. (I know, that is what I said when
I read it also...) so nothing else was working so I gave it a try.. wiped it
down inside and out, and left to do a few things, and when I came back into
the room that smell was gone, and the vanilla did the job..
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You can put it in a sealed container  with a box of baking soda.
The baking soda will eventually asorb a lot of the smoky odor.

A bag or a plastic box works well for this.

On 23 Apr 2004 at 11:26, joe wrote:

> Not exactly a boatanchor but would be interested in your favorite way
> to eliminate smoke smell from a small  2m transceiver. Really can't
> give it a bath like I just did with a S-76 I'm restoring.  Thanks,
> Joe k7mks

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