Smoke Smell

doc kd4e at ARRL.NET
Fri Apr 23 15:50:50 EDT 2004

The following suggestions should work with boatanchors
as well as non-BA's.

Try putting it in a bag for a couple of days along
with an opened box of baking soda.  The baking soda
should remove much of the "stink" (you might also
try a couple of scented dryer fabric sheets swapped
for the baking soda on the second overnight).

The challenge is that the chemical residue has
bonded with anything porus as well as deposited
itself on non-porus surfaces.

To address the non-porus you wash a boatanchor,
in a more modern device you remove the cabinet
and wipe down as many of the case and other surfaces
as possible without harm (a dryer sheet has been
used successfully as the wiping material by some).

Don't know what to do if the baking soda and
dryer sheets don't deal effectively with the
porus surfaces).

Have fun!

73, doc kd4e

joe wrote:
> Not exactly a boatanchor but would be interested in your
> favorite way to eliminate smoke smell from a small  2m
> transceiver. Really can't give it a bath like I just did
> with a S-76 I'm restoring.  Thanks,  Joe k7mks

Thanks! & 73, doc kd4e
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