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Ken Simpson, W8EK W8EK at FDT.NET
Sat Apr 24 16:13:29 EDT 2004

For Sale:

RCA RC-19 Receiving tube manual - 1959 edition
Good shape. Covers many tubes including many
2 digit tubes (such as 27, 80, etc.).  $15

RCA RC-19 Receiving tube manual - 1960 edition
Not quite as good of condition as the 1959 edition.
Spline has tape, but all data is in good shape.  $10

Sylvania Electronic Products "Technical Manual"
1953 edition, in binder. Slightly taller than the
RCA HB-3. Starts with 0A3, and goes thru 27NP4.
There appear to be updates added, but no dates on the
updates that I can find. This is not quite as comprehensive
as the RCA HB-3, but it really includes a lot. $ 40

Sylvania Technical manual
As above, but 1955 edition, in binder.
Starts with 0Z4 and goes thru 24AHP4. $35

Prices do not include shipping from Florida.



Ken, W8EK

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