Capacitors - In or Out?

Alan W. Fremmer AWFremmer at AOL.COM
Tue Aug 3 20:06:33 EDT 2004


On reading the article in the January 2004 QST, on restoring a DX-100, the
author Brian Wood, W0DZ, suggests that adding capacitors to those already in the
circuit is an option for reducing hum.  He does say that replacing is better
than adding but the former requires more effort.  I'm wondering if I can
reduce the hum in my DX-60A simply but adding new electrolytics across those
already there, or will the AC simply find its way into the signal by taking the
shortest route.  Please be gentle with me as I'm not an engineer but simply enjoy
this hobby and the restoration aspect especially.  Any help will be greatly
appreciated.  One last thing, could the hum I'm hearing result from the close
proximity of the receiver to the transmitter (the RF gain is way down) and what
can I do to overcome this problem short of putting the radio on the air?
Thanks in advance.  Alan, KB2HEI

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