Capacitors - In or Out?

john johnmb at NC.RR.COM
Tue Aug 3 20:24:02 EDT 2004


At some point they'll go from being leaky, to being high value
resistors, to being low value resistors, followed shortly by shorting

John K5MO

At 08:06 PM 8/3/04 -0400, Alan W. Fremmer wrote:
>On reading the article in the January 2004 QST, on restoring a DX-100, the
>author Brian Wood, W0DZ, suggests that adding capacitors to those already
in the
>circuit is an option for reducing hum.  He does say that replacing is better
>than adding but the former requires more effort.  I'm wondering if I can
>reduce the hum in my DX-60A simply but adding new electrolytics across those
>already there, or will the AC simply find its way into the signal by
taking the
>shortest route.  Please be gentle with me as I'm not an engineer but
simply enjoy
>this hobby and the restoration aspect especially.  Any help will be greatly
>appreciated.  One last thing, could the hum I'm hearing result from the close
>proximity of the receiver to the transmitter (the RF gain is way down) and
>can I do to overcome this problem short of putting the radio on the air?
>Thanks in advance.  Alan, KB2HEI
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