Capacitors - In or Out?

Charles W. Morehouse w4gbw at BREVARD.NET
Sun Aug 8 16:30:55 EDT 2004

You made some very good points Greg.  If I were going to place an
antique radio in a museum for display only, I would clean it and leave
in original non working condition.  But for my collection, I want a
working radio with the best components including orange drops and metal
film resistors.  The can electrolytics, I rebuild
putting new caps inside.  Just my two cents.

Greg Gore; WA1KBQ wrote:

>What I will say here on the subject is controversial and will possibly stir
>up a real hornet's nest. If you want the radio to operate properly with good
>daily reliability it will be necessary to replace all the original paper
>capacitors and in some cases all the silver micas too in order to properly align the

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