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At 07:38 PM 8/21/04 -0400, you wrote:
 >I do not use credit cards on-line....  EVER.

I do.

A credit card gives you the most protection against
fraudulent charges of any  kind of monetary instrument.

Using a card with a reputable firm online is probably less risky
than letting a waiter take your card at the end of a meal.  The one time
my card was defrauded, it was not from an on line scam, but a dishonest
eatery in Cancun.   Two phone calls and one fax to Mastercard took care of it.
"Fixing" the bad charges was alarmingly easy.

CC's are your best protection in most any transaction. You can contest
most any charge, and merchants cannot blow off Master/Visa/Amex when
a complaint comes in, like they can you and I.


PS: I'm a "charter" Esnipe user. Never have given them a CC number.
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