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J. Forster jfor at QUIK.COM
Sat Aug 21 20:04:18 EDT 2004

I've had very good luck with the USPS. A USPS Money Order by mail gives them
jurisdiction and an on-line complaints to the Postal Inspectors have brought
satisfaction, 100%. Most people think that a term in the Federal Penn for Mail Fraud
is not worth a few dollars. I've heard too many stories about credit card problems and
the card company lack of response to use them.

Without a credit card number, how do you pay eSnipe?


john wrote:

> At 07:38 PM 8/21/04 -0400, you wrote:
>  >I do not use credit cards on-line....  EVER.
> I do.
> A credit card gives you the most protection against
> fraudulent charges of any  kind of monetary instrument.
> Using a card with a reputable firm online is probably less risky
> than letting a waiter take your card at the end of a meal.  The one time
> my card was defrauded, it was not from an on line scam, but a dishonest
> eatery in Cancun.   Two phone calls and one fax to Mastercard took care of it.
> "Fixing" the bad charges was alarmingly easy.
> CC's are your best protection in most any transaction. You can contest
> most any charge, and merchants cannot blow off Master/Visa/Amex when
> a complaint comes in, like they can you and I.
> 73
> John
> PS: I'm a "charter" Esnipe user. Never have given them a CC number.

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