FS: Johnson Viking Mobile

Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Mon Dec 6 06:48:52 EST 2004

E. F. JOHNSON Viking Mobile Transmitter

This is an excellent E. F. JOHNSON Viking Mobile
Transmitter covering the 80, 40, 20 and 10 Meter
and running up to 60 watts input with plate
modulated AM.
The Viking Mobile is crystal controlled, and was
sold as a an under-dash mobile transmitter in the
It uses seven vacuum tubes with an 807 final
amplifier, modulated by a pair of push-pull 807s.
It uses an external dynamotor power supply,
and yes, the rare companion dynamotor is included
this transmitter.  It supplies 400V and 800V DC
for the transmitter. This unit is either factory
or it was done as a kit by an expert.
It looks great inside, both above and below the
The front panel is EXCELLENT, with all of the
original knobs, and a perfect silk screen.
The cabinet is generally very nice, with excellent
original paint. The paint is original;
the unit has NOT been repainted. Chassis looks
very clean inside and out, as it has been unused
and has been in storage for the past 40 years.
All tubes are included. It comes with a partial
manual, including the schematic.
Also supplied are the following four crystals with
this transmitter:
Popular AM frequencies... 3870, 3880, 3885 and
7290 kHz.
Optional WW2-era mobile microphone with PL-68
connector ready for this rig.
Available for $275.00 plus shipping.
Mobile chest microphone with correct plug (WW2
style) available for $45.00

Pictures and details at:

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