FS: Antique Test Equipment

Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Mon Dec 6 07:30:31 EST 2004

FOR SALE: Some Antique Test Equipment -

Weston 697 Multimeter - 'Selective Set Servicer'
Durable black case analog VOM meter. Has AC and DC
ranges of:
7.5V,  15V,  150V,  750V.<br>
AC and DC current ranges are 7.5mA, 75mA
Resitance ranges X10 and X1000
I think I have test probes ready for this too.
Extra connextors supplied as shown.
Available for $29.00 plus shipping.

Military ME-29/U Test Meter
Excellent condition - tough steel case in
battleship gray.
Has six scales up to 500 Volts.
Has the complete latching case cover and test
leads. Works fine.
Antique / collectible item in near perfect
Will sell for $75.00 plus shipping.

OLSON POWER/SWR Meter - in original box.
Looks like new. Has standard SO-239  Connectors.
Model CB-391 has two wattmeter settings for 1 Watt
and 100 Watts.
Great for QRP. Or use the SWR scale for higher
Available for $15.00 plus shipping

Triad-Utrad N-54M Isolation Transformer
Like new 120V to 120V isolation transformer rated
for 150VA.
Great for servicing receivers and smaller
and other electronic equipment.
QTY 1 Available for $40.00 plus shipping

Allied-Knightkit Company - KNIGHT Impedance
Also marked Allied Radio Co. Unit is in very good
shape and
has the original knob. Includes R and X scales
with chart
affixed to the rear panel.  A classic piece of
Knight Kit equipment. Excellent working condition.
Available for $19.00 plus shipping.

Pictures and details on all at:

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