FS: Heathkit Power Supply

Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Sun Feb 8 17:08:32 EST 2004

Boatanchor Mobile Accessory!

Heathkit GP-11 Mobile Power supply.
The GP-11 is rated at 250 VDC @ 100 mils with 6 or 12 VDC input.
That makes it perfect for running a Heath lunchbox rig in the car!
This is a rare item. This power supply was made
to power the Benton Harbor Lunchbox Transceivers (Twoer, Sixer, etc.)
that were made in the 1960s for use on the 2m, 6m, 10m and 11m bands.
It would also work well with other low powered tube radios.
This supply works on 12 Volts and was made for use while mobile.

Has connector for 12v cigar lighter outlet

Available for $39.00 plus shipping

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