DX-60 Parts Needed

Alan KB2HEI AWFremmer at AOL.COM
Mon Feb 9 12:54:28 EST 2004


Could use the following parts in restoring a DX-60.

(1) 205-269  Meter mounting spacer
(1) 434-44  Pilot light socket
(1) 205-M259  Top plate, final amplifier shield
(1) 412-12   Clear neon lamp

Also, any advice on how to punch up the AM signal.  Replacing the audio tubes
with brand new ones doesn't make a difference.  The D-104 mic I'm using works
great with other rigs but requires almost shouting to get any response on the
meter and advancing the audio gain control to the maximum results in some
improvement but not much.  Any help greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Alan, KB2HEI

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