FS: Transmitting Tubes etc.

Neil McKie n.mckie at BENDCABLE.COM
Wed Feb 25 09:44:13 EST 2004

Brian Carling wrote:
> One new 811A from Richardson Electronics.
> New in box for $25.00 plus shipping.
> Amperex 6907 VHF Dual Beam Tetrodes - Up to 80 watts output.
> Gold pins. Looks like a 5894 - See spec sheet at:
> http://www.wps.com/archives/tube-datasheets/Datasheets/Amperex-CC-363/6.JPG
> QTY 8 of these to sell. They are good used pulls.
> They are routinely removed from service. All have
> good emission.
> Most places sell these from $40 to $60 each or more.
> Will sell these for $12.00 each plus shipping.

  In my experience with the 6907's (I have a few here somewhere) the
 maximum I ever got out one was about 18 watts on the 460 MHz band -
 in commercial two-way radio service.

> EIMAC 4-65A used tube.
> Good used condition. I might have a socket too - not sure.
> Tube has been tested for emission.
> Dealers sell these used for $75.00 to $95.00 each
> New ones are around $125
> QTY 1 available for $29.00 plus shipping

  The 4-65 tube is part of the 4-65, 4-125, 4-250, 4-400 and 4-1000
 family.  Has a directly heated cathode and is comfortable with a 20%
 filament voltage reduction during standby which makes for longer
 life of the tube.

  ... snip ...

> Pair of 826 Gonset VHF Finals - Emission tested pulls.
> These are the tubes used in the Gonset VHF linear amplifiers,
> Models 3063, 3065 and 3067.
> These tubes are getting very hard to find now.
> I have a nice looking pair. Lightly used.
> These typically sell for $40 to $50 each IF you can find them.
> Will sell the pair for $39.00 plus shipping

  The Gonset VHF Linear was a good but simple design.  It can be
 improved upon a bit by doing a slight modification to the input -
 make the input look like a 50 ohm impedance.  We made that
 modification some years ago and doubled the grid drive.

> 3B28 Rectifiers
> These make a great sub for the 866 in E.F. Johnson Amateur rigs
> and others. No warm-up and a lovely bright orange glow.
> QTY 6 available for $6.00 each.

  The 3B28 is also used in many older General Electric and Motorola
 250 watt base stations.


  Neil McKie - WA6KLA

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