FS: Transmitting Tubes etc.

Ray Colbert w5xe at JUNO.COM
Wed Feb 25 13:01:31 EST 2004

Boy, I don't know where they got those specs for
the 6907 tube but nowhere near 80 watts.  8 watts
if one is using in link situations for long term
reliability.  When I used to work for the FBI and
serviced the old GE Progline 400 Mhz uhf units,
the max we would run was about 10 watts, even
tho the 6907 was rated some higher - 15-20 watts.

80 watts for the 5894 is a reasonable power at vhf.
Ran the 5894 at the 100 watt level in the Eldico 100mil
transmitter.  The GE (and others) MASTr vhf Prog lines
were only rated at 80-90 watts.  70-80 watts for reliability.

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