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Neil McKie n.mckie at BENDCABLE.COM
Wed Feb 25 14:01:32 EST 2004

  I like it when someone out there gets into the act
 like this.

Ray Colbert wrote:
> Boy, I don't know where they got those specs for
> the 6907 tube but nowhere near 80 watts.  8 watts
> if one is using in link situations for long term
> reliability.  When I used to work for the FBI and
> serviced the old GE Progline 400 Mhz uhf units,
> the max we would run was about 10 watts, even
> tho the 6907 was rated some higher - 15-20 watts.

  Motorola spec'd the transmitters that used the 6907
 at 18 watts - what we saw in the field was usually
 closer to 12 watts.  I think the GE Progress Line
 was spec'd at 15 watts.  My manual collection will
 tell me more if I go digging.

> 80 watts for the 5894 is a reasonable power at vhf.

  The GE Mastr-Pro had one doing 90 watts I think?

> Ran the 5894 at the 100 watt level in the Eldico 100mil
> transmitter.  The GE (and others) MASTr vhf Prog lines
> were only rated at 80-90 watts.  70-80 watts for reliability.

  Yup !!!

> 73
> Ray


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