Johnson Valiant Loading Capacitors

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Wed Jan 7 20:10:16 EST 2004

Although I have not personally done this, I was asked
to bring up this subject on certain "reflectors".

Since many people are experiencing problems with the
fixed capacitors in the loading of their various
Johnson transmitters, the Valiant in particular, it
may be possible to replace the switch and small
variable capacitor with a larger value variable.

Heath did this on the DX-100 with a factory
modification kit that changed out the loading fixed
capacitors with a 3-section variable with about 365 pf
per section.  In fact, the spacing on this capacitor
looks like the "normal" broadcast variable.  The
sections are all in parallel with no provision made
for switching among the sections in the DX-100.

I have also seen this done in the WRL Globe Champion
300 and 350 series which also uses the small variable
plus the fixed capacitors in the loading.  Although I
have not done this modification to my Globe Champion
350A, I have worked on a couple Globe Champion 350s in
which this modification has been done.

Since I don't own a Valiant, and haven't owen a Ranger
in quite a number of years, I am not sure just where
under the chassis that the variable should go.  But,
there should be room somewhere!

Anyway, although this "fix" is definitely not "factory
original", it does seem to me to be a possible long
term fix that also would make loading of the Johnson
transmitters a bit easier since you wouldn't have to
keep switching between the fixed capacitors.

Glen, K9STH

Glen, K9STH

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