Convert BC-221 to regen receiver?

Richard Post postr at OHIOU.EDU
Thu Jan 15 12:32:36 EST 2004


Was looking at homebrewing a regenerative receiver and noticed that
my spare chassis BC-221AH has nearly everything needed for a regen.
Rather than robbing parts, has anyone simply converted one of these
to a regen receiver?  These have a cathode feedback VFO as a 2 to 4
MHz oscillator that should be regen controllable via a pot on the
screen grid and a simple cap for antenna injection. The "correction"
variable cap makes a good bandspread cap.  Circuit should work fine
with an outboard power supply.

I know this may be heresy to BC-221 collectors, but these are
relatively common and of less value when missing their unique
calibration book and a component or two.  In the old days, the book
was critical.  Of course, with a modern frequency counter, that's
much less an issue in using one of these for its original purpose as
signal generator for fundamental and harmonics.

The units have the high henries audio choke, a triode audio output,
excellent variable caps, and other stuff needed for a stable regen.

I normally would not destroy an antique and would not do this to my
other  complete BC-221.

Your experiences?



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