Ranger II difficulties...

Ed Tanton n4xy at EARTHLINK.NET
Sat Jan 17 14:52:05 EST 2004

OK gentlemen, here's the symptoms: vagueness about bands 160, 80,
especially 40M (my favorite) and even 20M. "Vagueness" meaning maybe it's
on freq, maybe it's not. Maybe it's trying to self-oscillate, maybe it's
not. Etc. etc.

I initially (when I got it) had problems (solved) setting up the bandswitch
cam. Fixed that. It was clunky... but worked, incl. 6M. Thought that might
be the problem now. Couldn't be. Cam is camming-more or less. But:
hand-switched the VFO switch and was very hard to turn and speaking of
vague... no detent whatsoever.

I think I need to get in the VFO compartment and lube/etc. that switch's
mechanics, etc.

Agree? Disagree?

Now... I remember having my share of trouble getting into the son-of-a-gun
last time. Can someone remind me about that? Any timps? (I have already
done the resistor replacement. I THINK I will remove the VR tube, and
replace it with an external 15W or so (3 5W 50's in series) of zeners. Get
that heat out of the VFO compartment. (THE resistor when replaced was
mounted externally.)

I DON'T think I should mess with the VFO tube.

Comments please.

73 Ed Tanton N4XY <n4xy at earthlink.net>

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