FS: Amateur Radio Coils

Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Sun Jan 18 08:38:06 EST 2004


Two Ham Band Plug-in Coils - link coupled type.
Both use a 5-pin socket and have the same base as an 807 tube.
The first is a BUD 40m coil with link coupling, in
excellent condition with a beautiful porcelain base.
The second is a 20m coil marked '20JEL.'
It's nowhere near as pretty as the 40m coil and
the plastic support ribs are a little deteriorated.
However, it could be fixed up easily
I will sell the pair of coils for $15.00 plus shipping

Plug-in coil for 20 meter band.
This one has a standard 4-prong base. Same socket as 811A tube.
QTY 1 available for $5.00 plus shipping.

Ceramic Tank Coil - with variable tap.
18.5 uH final amplifier coil.
Very nice ribbed ceramic form - white and shiny.
Suitable for QRO final, antenna tuner, Hartley project etc.
Comes with a large plug-in 4 prong jack bar and socket.
24 turns of 14 gauge wire on a ceramic ribbed form.
Diameter is 2.5 inches and lenght 3.75 inches.
Pitch is 6 TPI. Form length is 6 inches.
Qty 1 available for $12.50 plus shipping.

Plate RF Choke rated for 2 Amps. QTY 1 only.
Will sell for $12.00 plus shipping

Pictures and details at:

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