Why Orange 0A2 VR Tube?

Ed Tanton n4xy at EARTHLINK.NET
Sun Jan 18 10:15:12 EST 2004

I don't believe orange "0A2"s are 0A2's Greg. I forget the number, but
Tektronix used a VR tube in some of their 'scopes that was orange.
Different gas, different voltage. Somebody probably stuck one of these in a
receiver you saw... and a regulated voltage being a regulated voltage, it
probably worked. I don't remember the number, and if you find out the
parameters of it I'd appreciate it, since I have a VR-tube table within my
website <http://www.n4xy.com/VR_Tubes.html> . It may be that it's one of
the ones I already have found and listed-or it may be one I need to add.

Of course, if anybody else knows of one I don't have listed-or have
wrong-I'd appreciate knowing about it.

At 10:01 AM 1/18/2004, you wrote:

>Help!!! Why does the 0B2 VR tube in some communications receivers light up
>with a very bright orange and in others it does not? Swapping tubes that are
>orange does not help so is this normal in some cases or is this indication
>of a
>problem (incorrect applied voltage or something)?
>Thanks, Greg


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