Why Orange 0A2 VR Tube?

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Sun Jan 18 10:49:44 EST 2004

It depends on just how much voltage that it being
applied to the tube before regulation.  The higher the
voltage, the brighter the "gas" in the tube glows.
Since this voltage is usually supplied through a
dropping resistor, the more current the regulated
voltage is supplying the lower that this applied
voltage is going to be.  Thus, if the supply voltage
is not "dropped" by the series resistor by as great an
amount due to the voltage regulator only providing a
fairly low current, then the tube is going to glow

Conversely, if the voltage regulator is supplying near
the maximum current (if I remember correctly, 30 mA
for an 0B2), then the tube is not going to glow as
brightly under the same initial supply voltage

Glen, K9STH

--- "Greg Gore; WA1KBQ" <GARDGORE at AOL.COM> wrote:

Why does the 0B2 VR tube in some communications
receivers light up with a very bright orange and in
others it does not?

Glen, K9STH

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