FS: Gonset, Eico, Millen and More

Dave Hollander n7rk at COX.NET
Tue Jan 20 15:32:43 EST 2004

I have the following items for sale that are excess to my needs.  Prices

do not include shipping. I will ship overseas.

Gonset Communicator III - 6 Meters...........$75 plus shipping
This is a separate receiver and and crystal controlled transmitter from
the 1950's . Unit works but needs dial cord restrung on receiver.
Includes a bunch of crystals. The radio has a number of scratches.

Eico 717 Electronic Keyer........$50 plus shipping
This keyer was designed to match the Eico 753 transceive from the
1960's. The keyer needs some work. The unit comes on and works
momentarily and than dies which would indicate a defective component or
tube. Includes a copy of the manual.

Leader LAG-53 Audio Generator ..........$25 plus shipping
This unit will generate both a square wave and a sine wave. Covers 20 Hz
to 200 kHz with adjustable level. The unit works well and is clean and
unmodified inside. It is missing the handle on the top of the case. This
unit matches the Leader LSG-11 RF Signal Generator

Signal Corps U.S. Army Test Set Frequency Meter Test Set I-129-B


plus shipping.
Military set of James Millen wattmeters covering 1.5 to 40 MHz. Case
manufactured by Hickok .Excellent condition

ZM-3A/U Capacitance Analyzer..........$75 plus shipping
Nice unit, works well, new power cord. Insides look like new. Don't have

a manual , however they are available from several sources on the

Book - "The Portable Radio in American Life" ..........$25 plus shipping

This is a 260 page book published in 1991 covers the
history of portable tube radios and transistor radios from the 1920's to

the 1970's. Includes historical information on Sony, Zenith radio,
Admiral radio and many other brands who built portable radios. This is
an excellent reference book if you collect portable and transistor
radios. These are new books. This is a great radio reference book. I
have 3 of these books left.

Set of crystals for the Navy TDQ transmitter...$75 plus shipping
Their are 24 crystals of which 23 ( a few duplicates) are the original
Navy crystals; one crystal is not. The wooden box is in great shape
also. Here are the frequencies all in MHz: 5.80,12.90,13.10, 13.26,
13.50, 13.74,13.75,
13.82, 14.02, 14.02, 14.30, 15.62 ,15.64, 15.66, 15.68,15.78,15.84,
15.85, 15.86,15.86,15.86,15.92,15.92, 16.00, 16.24

Sonar LP Filter - NIB E.F. Johnson Clone...........$40 plus shipping
This looks like a clone of the EF Johnson low pass filter however it has

a neat chrome finish. This is new in the box with instructions and
mounting brackets. This is a 52 ohm filter that will handle 1 KW from
2-30 MHz.

Drake ML-2 Marker Luxury 2 Meter Transceiver...........$60 plus shipping

This 1971 2 meter transceiver has a solid state receiver and a tube
final putting out 10 watts plus. Also has a built-in AC/DC power supply.

This one is in nice condition and works well. This one has the original
crystals for 34-94, 94 Simplex. For more info on this radio visit this
link: http://www.dproducts.be/Drake_Museum/ML2.htm

Thanks for looking.

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