[Milsurplus] How does it work?

J. Forster jfor at QUIK.COM
Mon Jul 19 17:32:29 EDT 2004


I've never seen one before. The design is actually quite odd. The reed does not
appear to be in any part of a discernible magnetic circuit, but is only in the
fringing field. The design appears to be largely 'cut and try' I suspect that
getting the reed phase with respect to the line power was not trivial. The
output voltage magnitude and polarity  is dependent on the phase, BTW. It is
even possible that the polarity of the output could reverse with line frequency
due to reed resonance. I don't know yet.


jhhaynes at earthlink.net wrote:

> Sure, I'll guess.
> The reed vibrates in synchronism with the power line frequency, and
> connects the reed to one or the other end of a center-tapped transformer
> so that the voltage coming out the reed is always positive, or always
> negative as the case may be.

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