QUESTION - Meter for Knight 50 Watt XMTR

Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Wed Jul 21 08:14:34 EDT 2004

On the meter - Ideally I would like to find one
that is removed from a Knight T50.

The two page "manual" I have for the 50 Watter is sadly lacking!

The hole is exactly 2" diameter - not 2-1/8" nor 2-1/4"
and I would GUESS that the movement is probably 1 mA.
It measures grid current for an 807 across a 1000 ohm resistor.

I've looked at other metering set-ups used in simple rigs that
have a switch to go from grid to plate current metering.
The ones I saw used either  a 5 mA or 15mA meter movement
and a 100 ohm parallel resistor.

Since the T50 uses a 1000 ohm resistor in parallel on the grid
circuit, wouldn't that likely imply the use of a 1mA meter?

On 20 Jul 2004 at 20:46, Brian Carling wrote:

> I am looking for a meter that mounts in a 2" diameter hole for my
> Knight "T50" 807 rig here.
> Anybody have one they could sell or trade to me?
> 73 - Brian, AF4K
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