FS: Measurements Corp. signal generator, mod. 560(?) FM, vhf, $50

Neil McKie n.mckie at BENDCABLE.COM
Sun Jul 25 15:10:05 EDT 2004

  In my experience with the Motorola T-1034 Series of signal
 generators (I have several here) I have found them to be quite
 useful and reliable.

  I still have one on my test bench and use it from time to time.

  About 2-3 months ago, one of the regulars on the Repeater-builder
 listserver gave me one and sent it to me - free.

  At last report, Measurements Corp. (or whatever they are called
 now) doesn't have any replacement power transformers in stock
 anymore.  If your T-1034 has one melt down, you can usually get
 another from someone who collects them for parts.

  Hope this helps,

  Neil McKie - WA6KLA

Al Parker wrote:
> Hi all,
>     Measurements Corp. Model 560(?) FM Standard Signal Generator
>   Mfg for Motorola, Inc., Motorola Mod. no. T-1034-C
>     6 bands, 25-25, 32-41, 41-54, 132-175, 400-470, 890-960 mc.
>     4 IF bands 2.4-3.9, 3.9-6.0, 6.9-9.2, 68-76 mc.
>   (this may be a 560A model, as it has the 4 IF ranges that are
>   not shown in the manual for the 560.)
>     "Trombone" type attenuator for variable output voltages from
>     0.1 microvolt to 0.1 volt.  Working well on bands 1-4, but not
>     sure about bands 5 & 6, my oscilloscope falls off very quickly
>     over 100mc.
>     CW or FM, with internal 1000cy audio signal, with provision
>     for external modulation.
>     In excellent condition, with an original manual, which incl.
>     orig. factory correction curves.
> $50
>   pix may be seen at:
> http://www.thecompendium.net/radio/forsale.htm
>     Weight is approx. 26 lbs, allow additional 5 lbs for packing.
>     does not include shipping.  I will pack, and you pay only the
> actual shipping cost.  You may estimate rates on FEDEX.com, UPS.com or
> USPS.gov from zip 28560.  I've got some large boxes, bubble wrap, etc.,
> only use peanuts occasionally, in small qtys enclosed in plastic bags as
> "pillows".
> (can deliver to Shelby, Sept. 2-3-4)
> 73,
> Al, W8UT
> New Bern, NC
> BoatAnchors appreciated here
> http://www.thecompendium.net/radio/
> http://www.hammarlund.info

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