National Gray Paint

Al Parker anchor at EC.RR.COM
Mon Jul 26 19:56:50 EDT 2004

Hi Glenn et al,
    My Sherwin Williams store stinks.  We're in a town of abt 30,000, so
not small, and have plenty more in the area, even 2 military bases.  They
don't even have a scanner "color eye" they call it.  I tried them for
something "normal" about 5 yrs ago, they didn't know what I was talking
about.  Went in again a few weeks ago after all your glowing reports.
They said "maybe the store in Greenville has an "eye."  That's 50 mi.
    Unfortunately, the place that supplies auto paint can't do much
either.  I've tried them twice, and left with nothing, the first time the
guy said, "I can mix up what the computer says, but you won't like it,"
after scannng a Super Pro panel.
    Walmart's "porch paint" match for the SX-28 blue-gray came fairly
    Sometimes there's an advantage living in metropolis,  I've done it,
guess I can put up with the few inconveniences of "small" town.  I guess
your S-W store supplies industry, ain't lots of that here.
Al, W8UT
New Bern, NC
BoatAnchors appreciated here

sorry, it's my nite to bitch

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Subject: National Gray Paint

> I have come up with the formula for the gray paint
> that was used on some of the National receivers just
> after World War II.  This paint was matched to the
> inside of the cabinet of an NC-2-40DT receiver from
> next to the chassis where no oxidation, dirt, etc.,
> had gotten to it.  That particular color (the original
> shade!) was definitely a "bit" different from the rest
> of the receiver.
> In fact, the inside of the cabinet was lighter in
> color than the outside (which had over 50 years of
> dirt accumulation) and the portion that was in contact
> with the chassis was even lighter!  All of the cabinet
> was painted at the same time!  I did take some
> household cleanser (Ajax) and clean a small spot on
> the outside.  The color after removing many years of
> grime was the same as that from the protected area.
> Thus, wanting the original color I had
> Sherwin-Williams match that which had not been exposed
> to the elements.
> The formula is for one quart of acryllic latex satin
> finish.  The basic tint is Ultradeep Base 6403-25981.
> BAC Colorant  OZ  32  64  128
> B1 Black       -  41   1    -
> R2 Maroon      -   -   -    1
> Y3 Deep Gold   -   6   -    -
> W1 White       -  18   -    -
> R4 New Red     -   -   1    1
> I use satin finish on all of the paints that I have
> matched for boat anchor cabinets and the finish comes
> out pretty much as the original.
> Glen, K9STH
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