FS or FT: T.1083 Master Oscillator Plug-In

J. Forster jfor at QUIK.COM
Wed Jul 28 16:54:14 EDT 2004

For sale or swap: Master Oscillator plug-in for 6000 KCs to 3000 KCs  for a WW
II vintage RAF transmitter in carrying case.  The part number is 10D/8471 and

Pictures can be seen at:


I've had this for a while and am NOT desperate to sell it, but have reluctantly
come to the conclusion I will never get the rest of the set and there is a limit
to the systems one person can collect. I hope there is a loving home for it out
there somewhere and that it does not suffer the fate of the other one I had as a
kid, namely being turned into nuts and bolts, and a little variometer.

This unit is very clean, and perhaps museum quality.

Read more about this radio and plane at:


If you are interested, please email me off list.

Thanks for looking,

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