R.1155 site & valve question

J. Forster jfor at QUIK.COM
Wed Jul 28 21:12:45 EDT 2004

I came across this R.1155 site while looking for valve information:


It's interesting, having quite a bit of useful information, but ends up
modifying the sets. What a shame !!

The reason for the search was looking for US equivalents to the Brit VRxxx
tubes, to set my tube tester up properly. Does anyone have a favorite site for
cross referencing the following:

VR99 / VR99A          X65
VR100                       KTW63
VR101                       DL63
VR102                       BL63
VI103                        Y61

In each case, the second type number listed seems to be a Brit civilian equal,
but I am not completely confident of that. There are indications that the VR99A
is a selected VR99.

I have a US made Triplett 3444A tester and they are not listed. I'm not
particularly interested in data sheets so the tester can be set up from scratch.
Note these are NOT the US numbers of a similar type, but are RAF, AM, or /|\


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