R.1155 site & valve question.. more

J. Forster jfor at QUIK.COM
Thu Jul 29 03:32:51 EDT 2004

Thanks very much to those who responded to my previous email. I fear that it was
a bit confusing, however.
What I am looking for is the US equivalent for the following:

VR99/VR99A = X65
VR100      = KTW63
VR101      = DL63
VR102      = BL63
VI103      = Y61

In each case, the second type number listed seems to be a Brit civilian equal,
(e.g.: VR100=KTW63)
but I am not completely confident of that. There are indications that the VR99A
is a selected VR99.

I have a US made Triplett 3444A tester and the Brit types are not listed on the
roll chart. Things like 6K7 are listed. So I am looking to find out what US
types correspond to each of the above.

Note these are NOT the US numbers of a similar type (VTxx), but are RAF, AM, or
/|\ types.


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