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Orrin Bentz minmar at 2Z.NET
Fri Jun 11 00:00:55 EDT 2004

 Hello again

 There are two great sources of precision hand tools that I neglected to
mention in my first post tonight. I discovered them while trying to find
a source for flat bladed screwdrivers that are not tapered. These
untapered screwdrivers fill the entire screw slot and fit the full width
of the slot. They will not slip and damage the screw head if used

Before I found them I used to buy tool steel blanks and grind them
myself. I have never figured out why almost all flat blade screwdrivers
in the US are the tapered type. It seems idiotic to me unless there is
some special purpose to them that I am not aware of. Anyway I hate em'
and took all my tapered ones and made non-tapered ones out of em.
 Willi Hahn Corp.
 1348 Dundas Circ.
 Monticello, MN 55362

 They sell the full line of imported German made Wiha tools. Also some
 They will send you a free 2,300 item catalog on a CD. I think a company
 letter head may help.

 They are a very large a supplier of tools to gunsmiths world wide but
 their tools have many applications for us   BAer's.

 Hope this is useful to someone.

 Orrin Bentz

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