FS: National NC-303 Parts

Garey Barrell k4oah at MINDSPRING.COM
Wed Jun 16 16:57:30 EDT 2004

I have some NC-303 parts for sale.

Main tuning capacitor.  $45

Entire front end sub-chassis with all coils and trimmers,
including bandswitch wafers. -

S-Meter with bracket.  Excellent condition, small crack in case
well below visible area, - $40

Main Tuning knob, plastic knob and cast skirt in excellent
condition, bright metal inlay looks just dirty and might clean up
fine.  If not K3ICH has replacement rings.  - $25

Front panel cast Dial escutcheon.  Very good condition, three
minor chips in black wrinkle area. - $20

Front panel cast Control escutcheon.  Very good condition, minor
chip in black wrinkle area. - $10

Band Switch knob (diamond shape) in very good condition, Mode
knob in good condition with 1/4" "melt" mark on top.

Black ANL and SELECT knobs.  Bright disks showing fine corrosion
spots, lettering excellent.

Beige ANT, AFG, RFG, NOTCH, CWO and DEPTH knobs.  All plastic in
very good condition, bright disks showing fine corrosion, all
lettering excellent.

A few rotary switches, detent disk plate for band switch, Mode
switch indicator plate, tuning flywheel plate, dial cord drum, a
few miscellaneous gears, main tuning dial bracket (fairly complex
assembly that dial pointer rides on), main chassis side panel
brackets, and a bunch of small mechanical brackets and pieces.
If you have a sketch or photo of a needed small mechanical part
or gear, I may have it.

73, Garey - K4OAH

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