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I am interested in the  following books. I would like the latest
edition unless otherwise specified. Please respond with condition
and asking price.

"Communications Receivers, Principles and Design"; Rohde & Schwarz,                                     1st  ed.
"Analog Circuit Design : Art, Science & Personalities";  1995, J. Williams, Newnes
"Troubleshooting Analog Circuits"; 1993,  R. Pease, Newness
"RF Design Guide: Systems, Circuits & Equations"; 1995, P. Vizmuller, Artech 
"Practical RF Design Manual";  D. Demaw, ARRL
"Complete Wireless Design"; 2001, C. W. Sayre, McGraw Hill
"Vacuum Tubes"; 1948, K. R. Spangenberg, 1st ed., McGraw Hill
 "Single Sideband, Principles Practice"; Pappenfus, Bruene et al
"Antenna Engineering Handbook"; Johnson & Jasik, 2nd ed. McGraw Hill
"Handbook of Physics"; 1958,  Condon & Odishaw, McGraw Hill
"Basic Electronic Instrument Handbook"; 1972, C. Coombs, McGraw Hill
"Handbook of Components for Electronics"; 1977, C. Harper, McGraw Hill
"Reference Data for Engineers, Radio, Electronics, Computer & Communications";
        1985, ed. Jordan, Howard Sams
"Signals & Systems"; 1987, Lathi B. P. Berkley-Cambridge Press
"Electronic Circuit Design"; 1987, Savant & Roden, Benjamin-Cummings
"Advanced Electronic Circuits"; 1978, Tietze & Schenk, Berlin: Springer-Verlag


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