Best Tube Transceiver?

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Sat Mar 27 23:14:14 EST 2004

Well, the Heath SB-102 is not fully tube since it has
a solid-state LMO.

Really, there isn't a fully tube-type transceiver that
has all of the features that you want.  For example
the Collins KWM-2 series only has a single i.f. filter
(2.1 KHz) and it really isn't that good on CW (like
the 32S-1 can put out three signals if not properly
aligned and tuned).  It does fine on SSB.  With the
Waters Q-Multiplier (adds rejection tuning) it is
somewhat improved but although maybe "close", but it
definitely is not a "cigar".

The Heath SB-101 is all tube and does a pretty good
job (I have one that I use with a Hallicrafters HA-2
2-meter transverter).  That is, all tubes except for
the power supply.  In my opinion, it is better than
the SB-102 because the LMOs usually track better in
the "stock" configuration than the solid-state

If you include the power supplies, there isn't a
transceiver that I can think of that are fully tube
type.  Even the Collins 516F-2 power supply has a
selenium rectifier in the bias supply.

Glen, K9STH

--- edoc <kd4e at ARRL.NET> wrote:

I agree that is is an exceptional rig but what I need
is something as close as possible in performance that
is 100% tubes, no solid state devices at all.

Glen, K9STH

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