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Mon Mar 29 17:39:22 EST 2004

Hi Fellow Ba'rs
A "preliminary" cost sheet for the GK500A & B, posssibly C. Starting with the 500B; prices of each panel looks to be $230. ea. Thats same price I get for the Ranger. These are 3 colors (white fonts) on each of these panels and requires a stencil (another investment) to get the 2nd background color (bottom of panels). The other question is; how many of these rigs are out there that folks would be willing to refinish? This will determine what the TOTAL PRICE PER Tx you finially pay. The answer is up to you fellows.  I would like to do this Tx but I'm not in a position to "speculate" / invest in art work etc. until I have some numbers.  Hope you understand. 

On the GK500C, I have not been able to find a pic of the Tx. How many of these are there out there? Are they the same panel layout or require different screening?

On the GK500A, the top panel looks to be $140. & the other panels look the same as the 500B, $230. ea. Again how many are there out there to do? 

The Globe Champion 300 is a 2 color panel @ $230. And again, how many of these are there to do? I could not find a pic of the GC350. 

THE R390A radio: I am ready to do these in some quantity.. I have one sitting on the shelf that is nr completion. These will be clearcoated satan or gloss finish. These are not etched panels but are the same fonts, are early (I think Collins) panels. Price $125. one side, $225 both sides. 

I am willing to do any radio if the numbers are there. Anything "special" has an up front cost for art work & screens. 
I appreciate hearing from you all.
73 es Dee

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